Friday, November 23, 2007

WI - Kenosha

We dropped in at Fiddlehead Yarns, and they were very nice. There was a small group in the back knitting (I think a class) who laughed at my Little J going stomp, stomp, stomp down the hallway. And, when I was paying for my stuff, talking to the sister of the woman of owned the store (No, I didn't get any names :( ) I felt like an absolute idiot after I asked her if she knit. Duh! She had been casting on for something when we walked in. What can I say, it's an example of my mouth running off before my brain kicks into gear. Hope she dosen't think I'm too much of a silly. But the store was lovely! Small, but full of wonderful yarns, and delightful kits and notions. And, a larger-than-expected selection of knitting books.

I would like to say, it wasn't where I expected it was. On, the map showed it on Hwy 50...not there. We had to go south several blocks before we actually found it on the corner of 75th St. It's in the same building as U.S. Mobile. It shares the side entrance with the cell phone store - I wonder what they think about the knitters passing thru? The parking is either in the front, along the street, or, in the back of the store, in a church (wierd looking church! Part is up on stilts!) parking lot.

I picked up a copy of E.Z.'s Knitter Almanac. I would have liked to get it at Clementine's in Franklin, but I needed the pattern for a December Christmas project (Hurry Up Sweater), and Cami just wasn't sure when she would get it in. Also, I tried to find the needles I need for the Yarn Harlot's hat. Oh, they had the needles, but, my brain, for some reason, thought I needed 10 mm needles. What do I actually need? The pattern calls for 7mm. That is, #10 needles are needed, not #15(10mm). Pbththth! My brain has been doing this a lot this weekend. Knitting dyxlesia? And, this darling little kit for a child's hat called my name. It's from bullywoolies, and is adorable. Shouldn't take too long to knit up, either.

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