Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Next expedition

Will begin tomorrow. After Little sister gets home from school, we'll be driving up to Wisconsin. (I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I still have a list of things that I have to do...and with the girl not telling me that she still had to finish packing until we got home from the shopping tonight, not terribly happy, either.) We're visiting my sil and her family for Turkey day. Hmmm...next year, how about everybody come to our place? Honestly, I'd rather cook. I LIKE cooking...and i really do not like traveling while pregnant.

I've got two different knitting projects I'm taking along. One, is the Clessidra stockings from Knitty. I've got a lovely sage green yarn (Louet gems) that I just got from Cami at Clementine's Dry Goods tonight. Well, I picked up the extra skeins she was holding for me tonight. I originally had purchased two skeins of it, but at the time, I didn't know what I wanted to make with it. Ashley (? hope i got her name right.) has been working on a pair of Clessidra for a while now at Panera knitting, and I finally decided that I want a pair for myself. I'm hoping, that once I get the pattern started, I'll be able to do it without thinking too much. Good for knitting in the car.

The second project is the Yarn Harlot's unoriginal hat. (Oops. Just realized I need to get needles for this one...) I've got some lovely Rowan Spray super bulky yarn, that i've been wondering what to do with it. Well, some people may be getting hat and neckwarmer sets for Christmas! If I can only find the needles...

And, not least, my other sister, I haven't forgotten your birthday! I need to mail your present after this week, but, I have one for you, and it will get to you. Happy Birthday!

Oh, and I'll try to do a photo dump of Little J cuteness after we get back from WI.

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Top Hat said...

Have fun in Wisconsin! It's a pretty sweet place!