Sunday, March 04, 2007

5's better than 4

After Church this morning, we left for our monthly family grocery expedition. We go to the military commissary at Harrison Village, in Indianapolis. They have better prices on some things, so that even with the extra gas for the car, we save money. Since I try to do major grocery shopping once a month, the grocery list is fairly long, but with two or three carts, we can get it done in an hour.

Anyway, the reason I mentioned grocery shopping is because of the amount of the trip. It takes half an hour for us to reach the Commissary, so I like to take a knitting project along. (I can't read in the car anymore - makes me carsick) I couldn't take Rogue, because I hadn't printed out the next page of graphs for it, (bad me) so I picked up my poor abandoned Fair Isle fingerless glove. I did a couple rows around the hand, then it was time to start on the fingers. I tried doing it with only 4 needles to hold all the stitches (normally, I only use 4 for socks, I find I'm less likely to have one drop out of the stitches.) but it just didn't work right. So, when I take it up again, I need to find an extra needle, or a stitch holder, or something!

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