Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rogue Update

I'm done with the back, I'm done with the back! Yay!

It makes me very happy to finish these different parts of the sweater. I don't normally go around saying 'yay me!' all the time. Really, I don't. But for some reason, this project makes me very very pleased with myself. Maybe because I have a tangible product for all the work I'm putting into it. (Unlike cooking, or cleaning the house, which I just have to do over and over and over...)

For future planning, I'm going to be meeting a group of knitters nearby next Monday. That's also a "Yay!" I'm looking forward to it. My dear hubby has given me a definite 'yes' that he'll be able to babysit. Maybe I'll have Rogue almost done by then...or at least be working on the sleeves. When I get the front cables done, I'll post a picture here.

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