Monday, March 26, 2007

Movies vs Knitting

I often knit at movies. If it's a simple project, I can knit in the dark with no problems (although I am looking lustfully at those needles with lights on the end.) HOWEVER, I discovered a very very important premise: Make sure the project is already started BEFORE going to the movie.

Yep. We went to see TMNT (teenage mutant ninja turtles (turtles on a halfshell...)) and I think I cast on for a pair of socks half-a-dozen times. And ripped it out that many times too. The yarn I was using was fingering weight, and while I could feel the stitches, I was having problems getting the needle where it wanted to go. And, I was working toe-up, and the increases in the toe were messing me up. Phtoey. So, I didn't get very far on the socks.

On the movie side, TMNT was pretty good. Little J watched it all the way through, with a short refreshment break. That's an accomplishment, b'cause the last couple of times we attempted a movie, I had to leave the theater at least once with a crying baby. It did bother me that the turtles were more realistically rendered (skin texture and coloring) than the people were, but the plot was pretty good, lots of action, and, well, after all, it is based on a comic book :)

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