Monday, March 12, 2007

Next-Stage Rogue

The hood for my Rogue is finished, all the stitches grafted together properly! Yay! The top part is looking very nice, although the empty arm holes make it look rather unbalanced. The bottom picture is a closer-up of the hood cables.

(I'll tell you a secret. I had to rip and redo several of the cables to make sure they all crossed the right way. But it was worth it, they are beauoootifull.)

I've decided that with the sleeves, I'm going to do the facing at the cuffs individually, then I'll put both sleeves on one needle and work them at the same time. Otherwise, I'm going to have problems with S.S.S. (second sock syndrome) If I do them together, they're both done at the same time, the both have the same mistakes (hopefully) and I won't get bored halfway through the second sleeve.


Keppy said...

Looking good, Marigold!!

Tracy said...

Oh I love this! Cables give me a happy feeling lately. Where is this pattern from? Can't wait to see the finish product.