Friday, March 30, 2007

KAL yarns

I've picked out my yarns, finally! Jen, thanks for your suggestions, I would have loved to try those, but my procrastination means I'll use what I can find. And I'll admit, I prefer being able to touch yarn when I'm picking it out.

This first pick is of Bernat Camoflague, acryllic worted weight. It's a wonderful BDU colorscheme varigated (I hope it will pool, that would make it even better!) I'm going to use it for Little J's Vestee. Have I mentioned that I'm going to alter that pattern a little? Yep, I think I can split it down the front and make a cardian sweater, and then I should be able to knit the front and back together, too, so there wouldn't be any side seams to do up. (I dislike sewing up seams. I'm fairly good at it, but it's so tedious)

And this one is Carron Simply Soft in a loverly burnt red. Also Acrylic, also worsted weight. ( no, not the cats, That is Princess, and Rama is in the background) I don't usually knit in acrylic for myself, but this stuff is amazingly soft, and when I touched it, it called my name in a soft soft voice... And, i would like to have ONE garment that is red.

Now I need to do swatches for these, hopefully by Monday....

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