Thursday, March 29, 2007

Vestee KAL

My knitting group is going to be doing a KAL for Vestee, from the recent Knitty issue. It's a baby sweater, with options for long or short sleeves, fold-over collar, or hood. It's very cute, and I'm going to be making it for my little boy.

Vestee has a guage of 20 stitches/4", so I'm going to be looking for a worsted weight or DK yarn. I think I probably want a DK, and I'll decide on the color after I look at the choices. Since this is for Little J, who will probably outgrow it before long, I'm not going to order anything expensive, and will just get my yarn at Hobby Lobby or Michael's.

We're going to start the KAL on Monday, that would be April 2nd.


Keppy said...

I might do it, I don't know... I'd like to! Its pretty cute!!

Jenn said...

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece is just about as inexpensive as yarn from Hobby Lobby or Michael's (it's $8.20 for 100 gms.) I don't know if you've knit with it before, but I love it for baby/kid stuff. It's got a 20/4" gauge. Can't wait to see the Rogue! Any luck on finding yarn for your Sahara (Brown Sheep can be used for it as well.)