Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Baa Baa Knitters

This is my finished (but the idea is still in progress) craft/knitting project. Yay for sheepies! They are knitting markers with black-n-white sheep as charms. The sheep were made from sculpey III. It's the first time I've made anything from sculpey, and it was easier than I expected. All together, it took about two hours (during Little J's naptime) including the time when I was anxiously obssesing over how to stick the bits together and frantically searching the 'net to find an answer (turns out sculpey sticks to itself. Kewl.)

This is a close up of two of them. Some of them aren't totally steady on their feet, but I think that's because the cookie sheet they baked on was warped, not because the sculpey shrank. This is pretty close to the actual color too.

And this is my favorite one! I like his pathetic little eyes, and his floppy little ears :) The color is off in this photo, but you can see the nifty curly wool-ish marks in his back.

I haven't tried them out in my knitting yet. They may be too heavy, or too big, to work well. Actually, the only markers I've ever used are the little plastic rings...and yarn or twistties when I'm desperate. I'm going to put them onto Rogue in the next row, and see how they work.

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