Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Baby Progress

The Little girl is doing just fine. Yay! we had a checkup at the obstetrician's today, and the doctor said that everything is just normal. It's seemed that way to me, but, y'know, it's nice to have that confirmed. One thing the doctor did say, when she was looking at my charts (well, records on the computer) was that when I took the glucose tolerance test my results were at 132. And the cutoff level for gestational diabetes was 140. Hmmm....I had thought that last time, the cutoff was at 120. Or maybe it was that I'd had to take the four hour test, because I was right on the line. hmm...oh well. Gestational diabetes didn't hurt Little J any, and I'm following pretty much the same diet. Extremely limited sweets and desserts, lots of fresh vegs, meat, fish, and a moderate amount of carbs.


TopHat said...

Glucose Smucose. Just keep eating what you think is right!

5penny said...

wow, so exciting. glad to hear you're both doing well!