Friday, January 25, 2008

Woohoo! Dear hubby helped with supper!

Yes, my darling army boy sliced potatoes for me :) Okay, this is a bit misleading...he is happy to help with cooking, whenever I ask. Or, he's willing to go for take-out food, also a good thing.

But tonight, I had got out this cool little toy to slice the potatoes:

It's the Ultimate Mandolin from Pampered Chef. It's lots and lots of fun (almost idiot safe) and when Big j saw me using it, he insisted on taking over. A toy with a sharp blade on it? Oh yeah, it's such a guy tool.

I had ordered this last year from a pampered chef party at Melly's last year. Thanks Melly! I've used it a lot, and it's been very useful. It grates cheese, slices all sorts of stuff, but this was the first time I've used it for potatoes.

How is knitting, you ask? well, I've bee knitting, but there's not much that's bloggable. I'm still knitting on the big grey blob sweater, to the point that i'm really sick of grey yarn. I worked on Little J's sweater (I would really like to have it finished before Febuary) when I stopped in at Clementine's dry goods today. Currently, I'm trying to figure out the sleeves. I need to have at least one sleeve finished, so that i know how deep the armholes need to be. I haven't knit on the alpaca socks for a few days -- I haven't been in the car with Big j lately, and Wednesday, when he was driving, I forgot to take my knitting along. Bad me! Let's see what I finish up this weekend (Big J is going to be home Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so it may be even less than I think.)

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