Friday, January 04, 2008

A year of Zimmerman

On ravelry, there's a group that's going to work thru Elizabeth Zimmermann's "A Knitter's Almanac". I'm planning on doing most of the projects (I did tell you about my yarn purchases, right?) and I cast on for another today. My Piggly Winks sweater! Well, Little J's sweater. No, it dosen't have pigs on it...if you have preschoolers, you might know about a cartoon on PBS called "Jakers, the Adventures of Piggly Winks". It's a very cute thing, about a little pig and his friends in Ireland. And the thing is, this pig always wears a little Aran sweater! Yep, I'm trying to knit a sweater that I saw in a cartoon....i must be crazed. But I've wanted to since the first time we watched this show, and the Knitter's Almanac group is a perfect excuse. I've got about 3 rows of my swatch knitted; it's not going very fast.

I've also started again on the surprise grey sweater. this time, I started by knitting the contrasting panels on the bottom. My hands were hurting a bit after I was doing those, I think it is something about the seed stitch. I can do knit stitches with fewer movements than it takes for a purl stitch.

Hmm...gotta go fold laundry, so I'll have a place to sleep tonight (currently, the bed is covered in clean clothes. And the husband objects if I sleep on his clean shirts.) Later!

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