Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monday and Tuesday update

The good thing about my new little computer is that it's so portable. All the ladies at Panera's knitting on Monday very gratifyingly ohhed, and awwed over it. The bad thing, is that Little J thinks it's his own personal device for watching Godzilla video clips.

Yes, I made it to Panera's on Monday. It was lots of fun! I'm really glad everybody made it, and I hope all y'all who we missed are able to come next week. Let's see...I made a recommendation of Eunny Jang's "Print O' the Wave" stole for the lovely green lace weight yarn that the lady next to me had recieved as a present. I've really been liking that pattern, but i haven't found a yarn for it that seemed right. We had a discussion about children, and grandparents...oh, and we talked about this pattern(don't click if you're easily offended, please. Its not graphic, but, carpe diem). And we all admired Crystal's very very nice knitting bag :D I knit on Little J's sweater some more...it's going along...and along...and along...I hope I can finish it in january; I have different projects planned for February.

Today, was knitting on the big grey blobbie sweater. Little J and i stayed home, didn't go anywhere, just hung out and relaxed. I still don't particularily like the blob, but stockinette, while boring, is easy to do. I knit about 5 inches on that today. I'm tempted to start on one of the sleeves, so that I can have something besides grey to knit.

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TopHat said...

I'm so jealous you went to Panera's. There aren't any soup bowl places out here and I miss it!
And good luck with those sweaters. I'm not that ambitious!