Sunday, January 20, 2008


I slept a LOT on Saturday. Daddy took care of Little J, and I slept in until 11. Then Big J took us out for brunch/lunch, and we we visited the hospital where the new baby is going to be delivered at.

Community Hospital East is where my doctor delivers babies at, so, that's where we're going. (I don't understand how a doctor decides where she's going to deliver at, but, all i have to know is that that's the place. right?) It's a good thing that we did a reconnaissance in advance, because, actually finding the maternity department was interesting. From the main entrance, we went right, past the artwork and the cafeteria, and then we followed the storks. Yes, storks. When did storks become a symbol for maternity departments? we follwed the storks to the elevator that goes directly to the maternity department (it has a painting of two storks on the door) and went up. There, a very nice nurse showed us around a little bit, and gave us a short tour of one of the rooms. Little J immediately pointed out the TV in the room. oooh. I wasn't terribly impressed with the LDRP room. It's okay, but I wouldn't describe it as "large suites with beautiful artwork". It was a medium sized room, with a bathroom attached, and while there's lots of art in the hallways, there wasn't any in the room itself. There was a couch (hospital type couch, not terribly comfy) that a visitor could sleep on, and a glider chair in the corner, and then the basinette for a baby.

When we reached home again, Big J showed me one of his new computer games for awhile, and then I took a nap.

We went to chuch on Saturday evening, picked up supper, and then I went to sleep again (eventually). See, I slept all day!

I suppose the real question is, what knitting do I take to the hospital with me?

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Rhonda said...

When you're in labor, do you REALLY want to have access to two pointy sticks? LOL!

Have a great morning!