Wednesday, January 30, 2008

socks, and stuff

you know the alpaca sockies I've been knitting intermitently? I was knitting a few rows in the car today (on the way to the doctor's, more on that in a bit) and I came to a definite conclusion: I will not wear these when I finish, and it's not even worth finishing up the one sock. I still like the colors, but I really do not like the way they are pooling together in the sock. It's just too blah-y. I have too many knitting projects in the works, or in the planning stages, so, this sock is going to get ripped out tonight. I've got another skein of the Alpaca Sox yarn (I just looked at that skein. I had put out of my mind that the evil Rama cat had attacked and chewed on's fuzzy, there's one break I can see, but it's not too damaged.) that I'm planning to use for Cookie A.'s Pomatamus socks, so, I'll wind that skein into a ball, and start those for my car-riding sock.

And, speaking of the doctor's...I had a checkup with the OB today. from this point on, it's visits every week. Everything was good, then the nurse stuck her head in the door to tell us that I had glucose in my urine sample, 100mg. oops. (not to mention how hard it is to pee in a cup these's very difficult to see beyond my tummy). The doctor sent me over to the lab to get a blood glucose test, so we'll see how that goes. Anyways, it's only a month (more or less) until the baby will be born, and I can avoid simple sugars and carbs for that long.

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TopHat said...

Yeah.. Isn't pooling rotten? You'll have fun with Pomatomus, though. And a month left- that's exciting!